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Hi! I’m Julie Meletta and I’m a singer/songwriter based in Switzerland (Canton Ticino). I’m currently recording and producing my first EP. The sound that I’m working on is inspired by the Brill Building and French Yéyé, combined with modern pop music.

My musical project, started in 2018 when I met a group of producers and songwriters who shared my passion and taste in music. Together, we started a songwriting group and we have been composing several songs (both in English and French). We’re glad that our music received airplay on several radio stations in Switzerland and can’t wait to grow as artists. Our songs have been among the finalists of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018 and 2021.


I grew up with a French mum and a Swiss and Italian dad, which means that in our house there was always a variety of different kinds of music playing (from Serge Gainsbourg and Françoise Hardy to Zucchero and Carlos Santana). As I kid, I also had a big sister who used to listen to all the early 2000’s radio hits, and since we shared a wall, I got addicted to those songs. When she wasn’t home, I used to to sneak into her room and steal the booklet of my favorite albums to read the lyrics and sing the songs.

Growing up, I felt like singing other people’s songs wasn’t enough anymore; I needed to write my own. So I bought a guitar and started doing it. In my teenage years I was very much into the Beatles, and to practice my guitar skills I’d learn their songs. I soon realized that their composition style was irresistible: catchy melodies, straightforward lyrics, a little magic in the sound, and – of course – British attitude. They’re albums have been one of my teachers for years.

Although I dreamed of performing in front of an audience, I used to write songs in my room without wanting anybody to hear them. It wasn’t until my first year of university (I majored in Philosophy) that, during a jam session, a friend convinced me to grab the guitar and sing one of my songs. I remember that my heart was beating like crazy and that the room got quiet. It turned out to be one of the best moments of my life… I fell in love with that feeling. I think there’s nothing like connecting with an audience through music.

It wasn’t until I met my current team that I realized that I could make music with a more serious approach. Enea, Luca and Stefano shared the vision of finding a spot in the music scene; with their help, I started to study songwriting on a deeper level, as well as taking singing and dance lessons. I am now working with them on my first EP.

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