Julie Meletta is a swiss singer-songwriter based in Canton Ticino. Her musical project starts in 2018 when she meets a group of young songwriters and producers who share her passion. In little time they have successfully established themselves on the local music scene, with live performances on the main events and festivals as well as radio and TV appearances. Her music is characterized by her delicate timbre combined with a powerful hip hop drum groove and dream-like synthetic atmospheres.

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In love with the art of storytelling, as a kid Julie dreamed of writing novels. She had the habit of writing daily (a journal, a short story, a couple of rhymes “just for fun” and so on). She shared a wall with her teenage sister who used to listen to pop music all the time (Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Eminem and all the early 2000’s big hits were a daily anthem) and was very strict about not wanting her around her stuff. When she wasn’t home, Julie used to sneak into her room and “steal” the booklet of her favorite albums to read the lyrics and sing the songs.

Growing up she felt like singing other people’s songs wasn’t enough anymore; she needed to write her own. She soon found in songwriting both an emotional outlet when needed, and an opportunity to be creative while having fun. Although she dreamed of performing in front of an audience, when it came to music she was actually very shy. Julie spent most of the time in her room, alone, without wanting anybody to hear what she did. It wasn’t until her first year of university that, during a jam session, a friend of her convinced her to grab the guitar and sing one of her songs.

“I remember my heart beating like crazy. But my friend wanted me to sing and he wouldn’t budge. So I did… I remember that the room got quiet and it was both terrifying and one of the best moments of my life. I’m grateful for what he did because I fell in love with that feeling. I discovered how enrichening it can be to connect with other people through music.”

It wasn’t until she met her current music team that she realized she could make music with a more serious approach. Enea, Luca and Stefano shared the vision of finding a place on the music scene; with their help, Julie started to study songwriting on a deeper level, as well as taking singing and dance lessons. Julie is now working with them on her first EP.

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Julie performs with her band with an electronic setup, or alone with the piano or guitar. Her live experience includes:


Teatro social Bellinzona (opening act for Kety Fusco)


Piazza del Sole, Bellinzona (National Swiss Army)


Open Air Monte Carasso


Piazza Grande Locarno (White Night)


Teatro Social Bellinzona (opening act for Francesco Baccini)


Parco Ai Giovani, Lugano