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Julie Meletta is a Swiss singer-songwriter based in Canton Ticino. Her first EP was released in May 2023. The opening track – CHIC! – quickly entered the top #100 of the national radio airplay charts. It was also selected for the M4Music Demotape Clinique contest in the pop category. Of French mother and Swiss Italian father, Julie grew up in the late 90s listening to the music of Serge Gainsbourg and the “Yéyé” songs of the 60s and 70s. Her father introduced her to the Beatles, who became her first musical love. Although she was interested in music, her first passion was writing. As a child, she wrote poems and short novels. It wasn’t until after high school that she decided to put her stories to music and bought her first guitar. Afterwards, her artistic temperament led her to study literature and philosophy, first in Fribourg (where she won the literary prize in 2014), then in Lausanne. Julie graduated in 2019. During her university years, the idea of a career in music came to life. The energy and passion felt during jam sessions and musical exchanges with her peers, convinced her to try to make herself a name in the Swiss music scene. Things got more serious when she met Enea and Luca, two producers and songwriters who had recently opened a recording studio, BYND Studios. The trio began writing and producing songs, attracting the attention of many radio stations and event promoters. Since 2023 she is working with Phonag AG and is now working on her first album.



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